What is Vibration Training?

What is Vibration Training?

Vibration training has been around since the 1960’s. The actual technical term that physiologists use to explain "cyclical vibrations" that are used to better the state of human joints by improving their flexibility relatively fast is Rhythmic Neuromuscular Stimulation, or RNS.

The technology to provide RNS was developed by scientists who were working on prevention of constantly increasing osteoporosis problems. RNS was a great success when first employed to train astronauts. Those who received the training managed to stay out in space up to 4 times as long as those who haven’t. Results obtained from astronaut training made this technology well-known worldwide. In space it was used to help overcome the effect of micro-gravity, and on the ground it was adapted to help train higher level athletes.

Muscle Strengthening

What helps one move is the formation of our bones. The system responsible for all our muscles is the central nervous system. Vibration provides pulses which make every one of your muscles respond in a certain way to a selected frequency.

Say you choose the setting of the vibration plate that pulses at 40Hz. This means that your muscles will be forced to contract about 40 times in each second, or, in other words, 2400 times each minute! These incredibly fast movements allow your body to spend enormous amounts of heat and energy.
We all know that burning energy helps with weight loss. This fitness program also helps to increase your muscle strength and provide a clear definition for your muscles, as well as improve your overall athletic capabilities.
Increased Blood Circulation and Improves Flexibility

When muscles are trained through vibration exercise, they do not only get stronger, but also improve their flexibility and increase their mobility.

When you use vibration exercises, the muscle tissues in your body warm up and thus increase circulation of blood. This ensures that the muscles get more flexible. When your muscles receive highly oxygenated blood, the time one requires to stretch to obtain a certain level of flexibility is drastically decreased.

Having a high level of oxygen in your blood is beneficial in more than one way. It also helps detoxify your body in a very efficient way. All the negative substances that accumulate in your body and cause it to ache are more easily removed. In terms of flexibility, it means that the pain will occur at a later time when stretching, helping achieve much better results.
Boost Hormonal Profile

Our brain is constantly at work, recording and storing electrical impulses that reflect the information obtained through our daily experiences.

When we exercise, the brain receives a message, telling it to provide us with a higher level of hormones. When your brain produces a higher amount of hormones, your muscles, tired from exercise, get restored and strengthened once you stop the workout and let your body relax.

Training through vibration exercise makes your brain boost the hormone level in your body by intensifying the signals that are obtained by the central nervous system.

How Does It Work?

This Internationally respected motorized exercise system produces quick results. Mechanical vibrations produced by the base plate of the VibraPro are transferred into your body. Varying levels of contractile force, fiber and frequency summation take place in your muscles. For skeletal muscles, the force exerted by the muscle is controlled by varying the frequency at which action potentials are sent to muscle fibers. The use of vibration technology rapidly stimulates the muscles while allowing the user to take a more passive role: muscles do not have to work as hard as they do in the mainly concentric and eccentric contractions usually associated with weight training. Instead, this specially designed vibration technology transfers the optimum frequencies for your muscles to benefit from an isometric workout as well. This fast paced contracting and relaxing burns fat and work the muscles in all 3 ways - concentric, eccentric and isometric - with little to no stress on the joints and fibrous tissue; all with less effort (and pain) expended by you! Different positions and varied stances on the plate will target different muscle groups. However, all will be affected, expend calories and be strengthened to some degree, including the upper body, when the handles on the unit are grasped. Controls with presets or manual adjustments are just a finger’s reach away.


What could you do in just 10 minutes a day to greatly enhance your physical performance? The answer is vibration training. In the 1990’s a few studies were conducted and proved that just 10 minutes of effortless vibration training had similar results on athlete’s bodies as over 100 leg presses with weight load of more than twice the body mass! You could complete about 200 drop jumps from a height of over 50cm, or achieve same results from standing on a vibrating platform for about 10 minutes.

Around the year 2000, numerous papers were published that dealt with the results of vibration training on athletes. From the inquiries it was found that this training provided great benefits in muscular development, power, strength, flexibility and overall balance.

A group of scientists from Easter Europe decided to compare training results if individuals trained on regular ground to those who trained on a vibration platform. A dozen men, none of whom were professional athletes, were asked to complete an exercise routine for 5 weeks. They were separated into 2 groups, one of which was asked to complete all the exercises on a vibration platform. In the end, their results were compared. The group who trained on a VibraPro showed much more flexibility, strength and balance. This shows that vibration exercise is very effective in conjunction with regular routines.


Physiotherapists and other sports rehabilitation professionals were very interested in finding out if vibration training could be beneficial to their task and help treating sports injuries.

A few athletes who have been suffering from ACL (the anterior cruciate ligament) ruptures were asked to participate in a study that was conducted to see the effects of vibration exercise on ligament injuries. The proprioceptive capacity of the injured parts was monitored throughout the study.

Each athlete had to show their overall balance first, by simply standing on each leg, one leg at a time. During this time, the muscle activity in their legs was recorded. They were then asked to stand on a vibration plate for about 10 minutes, and redo the balance test. As a result, impressive improvements were recorded, especially in the posterior-anterior direction of movement of injured ligaments. Specialists were glad to know that vibration training can be great help in recovery from sports injuries.

Training On Muscles

Muscles are trained by being forced to contract. When you use VibraPro® exercise machines, the muscles are responding to vibration stimulation and are forced to contract, which makes them stronger and leaner. This stimulation is similar to that of stationary bikes, but with a lot less effort.

Making Your Bones Stronger

When muscles grow stronger, they need a foundation to build on. Bones, surrounded by increasingly stronger muscles grow stronger. The growth of the bone tissue is generally controlled by the amount of strain that the surrounding muscles place on them. Thus, the stronger your muscles get, the stronger your bones will be.

Added Benefits

When you run or walk, your body has to be subjected to a serious stress, moving horizontally and achieving required results on muscles. When you climb stairs or do sit-ups, your body has to move vertically. When you use Vibra Pro, you achieve both of those movements at the same time, without going through the same amount of work. This means that you can exercise longer and more often, without straining your body or mind. Here are some more benefits that are provided by vibration training.

• it improves the strength, tone, power and flexibility of muscles
• it improves the blood flow and its oxygenation
• it improves overall blood circulation
• it raises hormone levels, which allows muscles to be built faster, recover better and deal more efficiently with stress
• it helps wash out lactic acid, formed by strenuous exercise
• it eliminates the unnecessary stress on joints and ligaments
• it improves cardiovascular health
• it improves your range of motion, beneficial for sports like tennis or golf
• it improves your mobility, balance and overall coordination

Heart Conditions

Studies had shown that vibration training could be of use to help patients rehabilitate after a stroke. Patients with heart conditions suffer from decreased mobility and balance difficulties.

A few patents were asked to participate in a study, which looked at their balance abilities. They were tested first, and then asked to use a vibration plate for two 30-40 second periods. The results were very encouraging, as all patients showed increased balance and mobility.

Spinal Cord Injuries

People with spinal cord injuries are at a great disadvantage in our society. A research was conducted in the US on a few patients who could barely stand and needed to use braces on their legs to be able to stay upright. The researchers asked the patients to perform a few actions to be able to monitor their ability to stand, walk, and simply transfer weight. Vibration training helped these individuals to start standing on their own for increasingly extended periods of time. Two of the patients achieved amazing results and were able to walk almost independently, with help of walking aids.
This result showed that spinal dysfunctions can be partially treated, or at least helped, with the use of vibration training.

Health - Parkinson's

Another beneficial thing about vibration training is its help with Parkinson’s disease. Use of vibration has proven beneficial to deal with multiple symptoms of Parkinson’s, such as tremors, balance or postural stability. The improvements were noticed very quickly and lasted for as long as 48 hours in some cases.
What Are The Benefits Of Vibration Plate Exercise?
Medical Studies And User Reports Have Shown Vibration Training To:

Increase Energy Levels
Increase Flexibility
Raise Metabolism
Reduce Cortisol Levels (Stress Hormone)
Induce Lipolysis (breakdown of fat)
Increase Range Of Motion
Reduce Back And Joint Pain
Build Muscle Strength
Rehabilitate Injuries
Increase Blood Oxygenation
Elevate Serotonin Levels
Improve Lymphatic Flow
Improve Circulation
Build Bone Mass And Bone Mineral Density
Visibly Improve Body Tone
Strengthen Core Muscles
Elevate Human Growth Hormone Levels
Increase Balance
Increase Continence
Wash Out Lactic Acid and Acidic Waste Products
Decrease Blood Pressure
Stimulate Digestion